A new form of efficiency

that works at its core

The next step in the evolution of inorganic sand core making

Up to 40 % energy savings, reduction of cycle time by up to 30 % and, for the first time, the possibility of real-time monitoring of the hardening process of inorganic sand cores. Upgrade your existing sand core shooters with Advanced Core Solutions to optimize your inorganic sand core making production.

We drive innovation for you and your sand core production.


We support you in increasing the efficiency of your inorganic sand core production. With the help of our patented technology, start-up and cycle times can be reduced by up to 30 %. The heat required for hardening of inorganic sand cores is primarily generated where it is needed: directly inside the sand core, whereby energy usage can be reduced by up to 40 %.


Our technology uses the electrical conductivity of all inorganic binder systems for the electrical resistance based (conductive) heating of the sand core binder mixture. This enables homogeneous heating and hardening across the entire sand core without shell formation and independent of the shape of your sand cores. Thus the quality of your production can be increased.


The real-time recording of electrical characteristics during the hardening of the inorganic sand cores enables complete digital monitoring of the inorganic sand core hardening process for the first time. In this way, conclusions can be drawn about the quality and properties of the manufactured sand cores, the tools and the overall process in your inorganic sand core production.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Up to 33 % shorter cycle times for sand core hardening
  • Homogeneous hardening of the sand cores
  • Higher bending strength of sand cores
  • Up to 40 % lower energy consumption during the sand core hardening process
  • Use of your existing inorganic binder systems for the sand core hardening
  • Shorter start-up times in your sand core production
  • No post-hardening of sand cores required
  • Larger sand core thicknesses can be realized
  • Reduced wear of the core boxes
  • Higher equipment efficiency (OEE) of your sand core shooting machines
  • Upgrade of existing sand core shooting machines
  • Process monitoring of sand core hardening in real time

ACS is a project of Soplain GmbH 

Weinbergstraße 5, 39171 Sülzetal, Germany